Best Ezipay Casinos

The Ezipay Casinos take a leading place in the market due to security and variability of payment services, offering multiple payment methods and several different withdrawal options. If you can't decide - just contact customer service and they will help you choose the best solution for your gaming preferences.

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Ezipay Casinos Invite Players to Discover E-Gaming World

Online gaming (also called “e-gaming”) continues to play a major role in the evolution of modern entertainment. The growth rate of the industry has been consistent over time, with the majority of revenue being generated through mobile devices and PCs. As e-gaming evolves, new opportunities arise for startups to disrupt existing industries and create significant value when delivering payment software, services, platforms and hardware. And ezipay casinos take a leading place in the market due to security and variability of payment services.

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Payment Options for Canadian Gamblers

Nowadays, the majority of experienced players have embraced online ezipay casinos because they allow them to wager from any place using flexible payment methods, including bank cards and e-wallets. To start playing in ezipay casinos, simply find a trustworthy gaming operator that provides a wide variety of payment options. If you cannot decide what you are looking for right away, just use the search function at the top of ezipay casinos home page or check back regularly. Alternatively, you can always contact customer service directly via live chat and they will help you choose the best solution for your gaming preferences.

Ezipay Casino: How to Deposit and Withdraw

Remember that an ezipay casino usually offers multiple payment methods, which means that you can save time and nerves while getting familiar with the platform and its software. Most popular payment options include:

Credit or Debit Card

If you use a credit card to make a deposit, then you will not need to worry about late payments because the ezipay casino site automatically debits your account once you have been approved. You will also be able to track the progress of your withdrawal online at any point in time. However, if you are worried that your card details could fall into wrong hands, you might want to consider undergoing casino account verification or choosing alternative options.


This is yet another popular alternative to bank cards. When making a deposit, you will be asked to provide your email address and login credentials. Once logged in, you have access to all of your transactions, including pending ones, which means that you do not have to wait for an ezipay casino payout email to know whether or not you have received your winnings. You can also request a paper receipt after making a transaction.


Neteller is similar to other popular e-wallets in that you will be required to register with your personal information. After registration, you can log in and choose from different withdrawal methods. Additionally, you can set up alerts to notify you whenever you reach certain thresholds.


PayPal is designed to help you pay for goods and services at various merchants. You can also link a checking account to your PayPal account, which gives you access to a greater range of financial tools. Once you’ve downloaded the app, select ‘pay’ from the menu. From here, you can select either a credit card or bank account to complete the transaction. Depending on the platform, you might be required to verify your identity or enter a security code to confirm your identity.


Before being made illegal in 2014 in Canada, bitcoins were the preferred choice among illegal websites looking to accept payments without being traced back to the user. Bitcoins are difficult to trace and can be transferred anonymously and instantly around the world. Bitcoins cannot be seized by authorities, meaning that ezipay casino users are free from fear of fines or legal action. Bitcoins give you complete control over your funds; they are not stored on any central servers and can be accessed directly from your computer or mobile phone.

Additional Recommendations on Casino Payments

First of all, it is good to find casinos with a bonus or promotion feature. This is a good opportunity to decide if they are worth checking out or not since players can familiarize yourself with the platform before making a deposit.

Once you have chosen the best deposit method you wish to use, simply enter your details into the text box provided. You may choose to leave the comment section blank if you do not want to provide the casino with additional personal information.

Top casinos normally offer several different withdrawal options including bank transfer, wire transfer, credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, etc. Please keep in mind that each method requires slightly different steps before they can be completed. To ensure that withdrawing funds from your account is both safe and convenient for you, we highly recommend that you first visit the casino website and go to the page that corresponds with the payment method you wish to use. This is a unique opportunity to read all the rules and restrictions applied before making any transactions.


Can I deposit online via ezipay with no risk?

Payment services are now being legalized and regulated across the globe but some countries allow only certain types of transactions.

What type of casino should I choose?

Casinos vary widely in terms of their rules, regulations, and payment methods. Please find out more about specific issues like whether there are limits placed on wagers, restrictions regarding minors, and whether deposits and withdrawals are free, fast, and secure before settling with a certain platform.

Where should I consider ezipay casinos?

If you want to enjoy quality entertainment at home with convenient payment solutions, you should consider giving some online applications a try. They offer great value for money. In fact, they often come with huge perks like free trials or exclusive offers.

Can customer service help me with payment issues?

You should not expect a live person to answer the phone every time you call. Instead, check out the casino’s customer satisfaction rating, pick a representative from the company’s database of employees, and get some information over chat, email, or through social media. Ezipay casino operators have a 24/7 chatbot covering all the frequently asked questions regarding their service.